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Taobao English Services

Taobao shopging service

How to buy

Help customer choose and Identify the quality of goods,and Filtering high freight, we may also help you Valet bargaining.

Buy from Taobao payment

Payment method

Piece of advice: apart from Paypal, we also support WebMoney, western union and bank transfer for paying the bill, just for your convenience.

English Shopping Help

Free Service

We provide examing, taking photos of goods, and reducing parcel's weight services for you to ensure your satisfaction of goods.

Buy taobao goods from China


We provide various kinds of logistic. We also provide timely logistics information via e-mails and high quality after-sales service.

About Us is not a manufacturer, or a distributor, or an agency of any kind, it's the best taobao agent. is the most professional online purchasing agent in China. We aim to provide professional, comprehensive and high-quality service to facilitate your online shopping in China. Product quality and shopping experience can be the most frequently concerned issues in cross-border shopping. solves all these problems. We are not the merchant so we do not exaggerate the quality or the effect of certain products. We demand high quality of product for the sake of our customers. In addition, we provide convenient and various modes of payment, as well as good delivery service.

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